Dreams: Snake Fangs and Baphomet

I have had very vivid dreams for most of my life. I’d say since I was about 4 or 5 I’ve been able to remember them quite well. One year while I was in college I became part of a Dream Group hosted by our school’s counselor. A group of 10 or so would meet once a week and discuss whatever dreams we had. We’d “chart” our dreams and try to decipher what their significance in relation to our lives could be. We all kept dream journals and shared them. I haven’t done something like that since then but I think I’d like to start doing it again. I figured maybe I could share them on this blog as a weekly (more or less depending on how much I can actually remember) type thing. I’d like to get interpretations or opinions from y’all or hear about similar dreams or maybe somebody will have some insight as to what this or that element signifies. I think it’d just be kind of fun to revive some of feeling I had when I shared dreams with people.

Just some general background on me concerning the types of dreams I have: I dream a lot about teeth. Teeth falling out, being broken down and pouring out like crushed up seashells, or fearing my teeth are about to fall out any second. It’s been happening for the last 20 years at least. I think in part it’s because I tend to clench my jaw very tightly and I guess grind my teeth, but not side to side more like I’m biting down very hard.

Other reoccurring elements are snakes and aligators. Snakes in any kind of situation, sometimes I’m scared, sometimes I’m cautious but have the general sense that it’s gonna be alright. Usually they are just present and I’m observing them because they seem to be particularly extraoridinary snakes, like they have special powers. The aligators I’m usually having to cross a bridge and the bridge semi-submerges in water and I’m fearful of aligators popping up, and sometimes they just appear out of nowhere. One time the aligators turned into chocolate waffle fries and I rode on them to cross a river. Anyway, I just thought I’d point out I dream about teeth, snakes, and aligators quite a bit.

Most recently I’ve remembered 2 dreams both very vivid:

Dream 1:

The first dream is very short. I was standing in a backyard, a very normal fenced in backyard but surrounded by snakes. The snakes were just there. Not biting anybody just kind of writhing around. It almost seemed like they were doing some very elaborate lattice work. Like synchronized swimming.

I’m standing there unafraid but still trying to be mindful of the situation. Then my mom comes up and says we have to find the 2 vipers out of these hundreds of snakes and extract their fangs. She’s got what looks like a beekeeper’s suit on but it’s made out of rubber. She doesn’t tell me why we have to do this and before I can ask she wades right into the snakes, disrupting their flow, and snatches out a snake. The snake is huge. It’s all black, and its head is as big as mine. My mom has a grip on it and its mouth is forced open. The inside of its mouth is a pale pink and full of soft flesh and it’s fangs seem like elongated cat claws. They’re black and huge. My mom tells me to pull out the fangs. I’m stone. I can’t move. I don’t have the words to tell her know, just the expression of “don’t make me do this.” I’m fumbling, looking at my hands, looking for protection. My mother sees that I’m looking for excuses to not do it and so she says, “Nevermind. I’ll do it myself.” She pulls the snakes head an inch away from my face and plucks out the fangs. As she does this she keeps saying, “It’s so easy. Easy-peasy.” And then I woke up. I think I felt sad for the snake. I didn’t want to hurt the snake. And taking away it’s fangs, it seemed like it’d be the same as taking away it’s pride. In the dream it’s like I had this gnawing feeling in my gut that I didn’t want to hurt the snake’s feelings. They were very elegant and strange fangs. Who knows what my mom wanted with them.


Dream 2:

baby baphomet

This dream was pretty cool. Until it wasn’t. The panic was real. I remember waking up in a true panic. It felt very real.

I’m hazy on how I got where I was in this dream or why I was there. I’m missing some details but what I do remember was pretty amazing and also scary.

My significant other and I were led into a cave at night. The cave was illuminated but not by fire. Not sure what kind of light was there. Nothing obvious like fire or electrical light. There were symbols, similar to runes but not like runes that I’ve seen before. I didn’t recognize the symbols. They were all over the walls of the cave, and once we passed through a doorway in the cave we were lit up with symbols. They appeared on our forearms and face. Our symbols were pretty similar with the exception of a few. We each had a crescent moon on our foreheads cradling an eye, and our cheeks and arms were had several markings. The only real difference between us was that I, on my left forearm had half of Baphomet. The horns, face, down to the breasts. It alarmed me. I didn’t understand. I grabbed my SO’s arm to see if he had such a thing or something similar but he did not. I showed him my arm and he just shrugged. I rubbed my arm furiously but the image wouldn’t disappear. I was afraid that I had done something that would put me in Hell. And after lots of panicking without any change. I stopped, and said out loud but to no one in particular, “Well maybe it won’t be so bad. Maybe this is the way it has to be and I’m meant to be this kind of person.” And I suddenly felt peace, or at least acceptance. I woke up feeling perplexed. Looked at my arm, and just shook my head.

Not sure what triggered that dream. Well, that’s probably not true. I’ve been reading a wide variety of things regarding witchcraft, paganism, and the occult. But I’ve always kept an interest in these things so I don’t know what so different now.

*Some background: I grew up in a religiously split home. My mother is Christian and my father went from agnostic to atheist. I’ve been torn when it comes to religion my whole life. I think it’s safe to say I got a Bachleor’s Degree in Religious Studies because I was “searching” for clues. I believe there’s more than meets the eye in this world and have felt more spiritually inclined over the last year or 2. I don’t truly know what it means to worship but I’m curious to know. I just don’t know what path I’m on. I’m just inbetween. Pulled by “feeling.” *

Please feel free to chime in and give opinions or interpretations or share your own dreams. 🙂

*Note: Picture of this adorable Baphomet was created by Kate Logan (Artetak) and items featuring the image can be found here: https://society6.com/artetak

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