New Beginnings & the Death of Lofty Goals

I originally started this blog about a year ago with some lofty and idealistic goals in mind. I wrote an initial post and left it. Deleted it. Wrote something else, and then one or two other posts and then let them sit for several months. More recently I deleted all posts and let The Slut Front sit blank for a couple more months. I hit a wall.

This blog has been living in a middle world of not alive but not dead. I think I’m going to give it another shot. This time no lofty goals or idealistic visions.

My passions and interests are scattered but my goal if I were to have one is to be me, ME. Not me in a social justice warrior’s armor. The initial inspiration for The Slut Front was the #MeToo movement. And even before the movement, inspiration could easily be snatched from my general experience and perspective as a woman and all the “extra” that comes with that. Extra caution. Extra preparation. Just extra. But I think there are plenty fantastic websites, blogs, forums & more that cover this, and while there will always be a need for women’s (marginalized) voices to be heard and to be heard in a safe and stimulating atmosphere, I don’t think I have the stamina to create such a platform and stay on top of it they way I would like to. It took me a year to come to this decision and it bothered me but I’ve come to terms that my needs and abilities are different from what I desire. So I’m compromising with myself in order to stay authentic to myself and release myself from the anxiety my initial plan induced.

So I’m using this space as my personal slice of the net to post about whatever strikes my fancy which will most likely be related to books, music, film, beauty, food, and the strange and unusual (a very Beetlejuice way of referring to the occult, the paranormal/supernatural, and the witchy). This blog is also a tool for me to keep a focus on something. I have a tendency to fall into a depression or be ate up with anxiety when I do not have something to keep my mind busy. So this is a blog where I give myself no rules or limitations. I’m keeping it light. I’m just gonna do me.

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